No one should expect to be worse off for having donated a kidney

Important federal legislation has just been introduced in Washington DC. The Living Donor Protection Act aims to prevent insurers from discriminating against kidney donors and guarantees that all donors are protected by the Family Medical Leave Act. It is an urgent priority across the kidney transplant field, and a much-needed first step for the transplant support agenda.

Throughout April – National Donate Life Month – WaitList Zero will be promoting awareness of the Living Donor Protection Act and encouraging living donors; transplant recipients; and their networks of family, friends, co-workers, and community members to urge their members of Congress to support passage of this critical legislation.

Here’s how you can help:

  1. Please ask your federal legislators to support his Act by using an online app located here. Every message helps. It takes two minutes, but it will make a big difference. If you have time to customize it with your story and why you’re passionate about transplant, even better!
  2. Take the Selfie Challenge!

What is the Selfie Challenge?

Once you’ve contacted your legislator using our online app, the next way you can help is by taking the Selfie Challenge. The Selfie Challenge is a social media campaign to spread awareness about the Living Donor Protection Act – in about 5 minutes.

The people in your network love seeing your face. They really do! In a nutshell, we’re asking you to take a selfie (using the instructions below), and post it to your Facebook page to encourage your Facebook friends to use the online app to contact their legislator. Remember, using the app only takes a couple of minutes and they are done! Good deed for the day – check √.

Here’s what you do:

Step 1 — Find some supplies to make a sign that reads I Support the Living Donor Protection Act, or print out a sign located here.



and I’ll repost for you.

1Step 3 — Post your Selfie to your Facebook page with the following message (or something similar).

“I’m participating in the Selfie Challenge to support the Living Donor Protection Act because after living kidney donors give the gift of life, it’s the least we can do to make sure they’re treated fairly. You can help me to support this campaign by going to the online app to send a message to your federal legislator. Every message helps. It only takes two minutes, and it will make a big difference.”

Step 4 — Sit back and feel good about helping to protect living donors against discrimination.