Our Constituency

WaitList Zero was founded by two living donors. Our primary constituency is fellow living donors and those giving consideration to becoming one.

Kidney donors save lives and serve as a source of incredible inspiration. Currently, donors not only choose to undergo surgery on behalf of another, they may end up paying some expenses out of pocket and may even forego salary lost while in recovery. More needs to be done to help donors in terms of removing lost wages.
Donors should never have to worry about other loved ones needing a kidney in the future. They need to be able to designate family members besides the recipient to receive transplant priority on the deceased donor waiting list. Likewise, donors shouldn’t have to worry about whether they, themselves might someday need a kidney. Complementary health insurance over a lifetime would add peace of mind.

Better donor follow up policies are needed, as well as increased transparency about the rationale hospitals use for determining donor eligibility.

Everyone in the system benefits besides kidney donors. We believe donors deserve that added sense of security in return.

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