About Waitlist Zero


Dramatically increase living donation by:

  • Educating the public about the safety, convenience, and life-saving potential of living kidney donation.
  • Ensuring that excellent transplant education is guaranteed to all medically eligible patients and their families.
  • Piloting innovative practices and replicating those that have the most promise for saving more lives.
  • Launching a Living Donation Breakthrough Collaborative to dramatically increase living donation by disseminating transplant center best practices.
  • Mobilizing kidney donors as advocates for themselves and their loved ones.
  • Organizing the community of those interested in increasing transplantation to effectively advocate for better transplant policy.
  • Passing comprehensive state and federal legislation to achieve our vision of transplant support.


Commitment to Kidney Patients and Their Families

  • Saving lives should be the highest goal of transplant policy; any policy that interferes with that must meet a high burden of proof.
  • Ending the wait list is morally urgent. Every day that passes without progress is unacceptable.

Fairness to Donors

  • No donor should expect to be worse off for having donated.
  • Donors should be proud to have donated, and society should honor the compassion all donors share.

Donor Equality

  • Kidney donation should not be more of a burden on the poor than the rich.
  • Kidney donors should be a diverse group drawn from all segments of society.

Patient Equality

  • Patients should have equal access to transplantation regardless of their wealth or status.
  • Patients should receive consistent and comprehensive education about all treatment option and the outcomes for each.
  • Patients seeking a transplant should not feel they are a burden to their loved ones.

Mission Statement

Founded by living kidney donors, WaitList Zero is devoted to representing donors and ending the waiting list by increasing living donation.


We envision a nation where no one dies because of a shortage of available kidney transplants; a world of transplant support where it is easy for patients to ask for a kidney and easy for donors to give; where donors are honored as public servants and never expect to be worse off for having saved the life of another.